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Your Massage Therapists


Angela Lopez, CMT

Certified Massage Therapist

Hi! My name is Angela and I am a CMT with a passion for promoting holistic wellness and restoring balance to the body, mind, and soul. As a former athlete and frequent gym-goer, I’ve always looked for ways to help my muscles recover quickly. After attending Hands on Healing Institute, I’ve learned how instrumental massage therapy is to athletes. I now help athletes recover faster after workouts and reduce the risk of injury with sports massage. I specialize in various modalities, including Swedish massage, deep tissue therapy, pregnancy massage, and sports massage. I tailor each session to meet your individual needs, whether you’re seeking relaxation, pain relief, or overall well-being. Driven by a genuine desire to help others, I create a safe and welcoming environment where you can feel supported and empowered throughout your healing journey.

Janay Ross

Certified Massage Therapist
Reiki Master

After years of tapping into body pain intuitively, Janay Ross initially went to massage school to help understand her own body’s pain, but found a higher calling to help those in need of a safe space. 

Janay originally went to Portugal’s Green Mountain Institute for Integrative Therapy in 2008 to become a bodyworker. Almost 13 years later she decided to take up massage school again to become certified in California at Hands on Healing Institute. 

She combines swedish and deep tissue to organically find the root of pain. Healing starts with a compassionate caregiver and a willing heart, and in Janay Ross you find both. 


Caelyn Ellsworth, CMT

Certified Massage Therapist
ERT & Inner Child Work
Reiki Master x3

Hi, I’m Caelyn, a CMT and 3x Reiki Master (Usui, Holy Fire, Karuna) specializing in Emotional Release Therapy (ERT) and Inner Child Work. I help adults and children process and release emotions and trauma from events that occurred yesterday to 20+ years ago. I also offer Reiki sessions, massage (Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Thai) or a combination of both Reiki and massage.

Jessica Ferretti

Certified Massage Therapist
Holistic Health Coach

Welcome! I’m Jessica Ferretti, owner and lead therapist of Meditation for Muscles: a holistic healing and bodywork practice that centers around shifting the nervous system.

My training includes the following modalities of massage: Esalen, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Neural Somatic Integration, Hawaiian Sacred Lomi-lomi, Pregnancy and Trigger Point Release. I use a blend of these modalities along with a nurturing and slow flow that makes even deep work feel sedating and hypnotic. From my background in social work, a fascination with somatics and training in massage, my philosophy is that slow movement and patiently waiting for the body to open and melt, not only feels better, it provides better results. My primary objective is to activate the parasympathetic nervous system so that your whole being truly lets go of tension. Bodywork for me is not only an occupation but a spiritual practice, rooted in mindfulness and a deep desire to connect and be present with others. I use 100% organic fractionated coconut oil along with blends of DoTerra and other essential oils known for their medicinal uses. My education as a holistic health & life coach took place at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Most of all I believe in empowering my clients with body positivity and simply supporting them in being who they truly are. This addition to my education has enriched my massage practice as I am now able to make individualized, life-altering lifestyle and nutrition suggestions based on client goals and holding patterns of the body.

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